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Employment Screening Services

Why Have a Pre-Employment Screening Program

employment screening services at CleanFleetHiring the right employee is a critical to the success of any organization. Drug and Alcohol Screening alone doesn’t guarantee your candidate has the qualifications you are looking for.

To help ensure candidates have the credentials and background you require, it takes a systematic approach to dig out the details and verify the history.  If you are a motor carrier, the DOT has very specific hiring procedure requirements that must be documented and made available for audit.

Failure to get the background information in a non regulated organization can lead to costly hiring mistakes.  Failure for a motor carrier to get the background information can put your entire company at risk.

With the help of our sister company Glostone Trucking Solutions, we can customize a solution that will ensure you get the timely background information you need to make an informed choice.  For motor carriers, you can rest assured that the required paperwork is completed, documented and in full compliance with DOT regulations.

Available Customized Employment Screening Services Options

  • Inquiry to Previous Employer(s) (DOT required)
  • Drug and Alcohol History Inquiry (DOT required)
  • Criminal Background Inquiry
  • Sexual Predator Inquiry
  • Social Security Verification
  • DOT Pre-employment Screening Program
  • Driving History Reports
  • Headline and Social Network Searches
  • DOT CSA Scoring Report
  • On-going Driver Qualification File/Personnel File Maintenance (Web based)

Get started today on the road to hiring excellence and compliance!